Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hopetoun House Wedding

Hopetoun House is a legendary venue, no question! Yet the main reason I was really looking forward to doing my first wedding there was that it was my second wedding for a member of the same family. Last year I married this lovely couple Tarini and Ed, and here they are eight months on. Tarini was a bridesmaid.

Maya is an absolutely gorgeous girl too, and they are both as clever as they are beautiful. Here is a pic of the ceremony. John the groom was a bit nervous beforehand but calm and collected through the ceremony, which is more than can be said for me because one of their friends read an extract from The Velveteen Rabbit, so I was suppressing my sobs. It was so lovely to see so many of the guests from last time, as they are a very friendly group of people, especially Maya and Tarini's adorable granny.

And here is a picture of the handsome couple.

Unfortunately there are no other sisters for me to marry but Maya and Tarini have a very handsome younger brother who will surely be snapped up before long!

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