Sunday, December 30, 2007

Playfair Library Wedding

Ed and Tarini married in the elegant Playfair Library.

Their friend Pietro, who is a professional opera singer provided some beautiful music.

And here is the happy couple. Gorgeous!

Borthwick Castle Wedding

Kate and Carl married in Borthwick Castle. Here is a picture taken just after I realised that I'd pronounced Carl's surname wrong.

This couple were glowing all through the ceremony and so in love.

Mansfield Traquair Wedding

Mansfield Traquair is one of the grandest venues I've been to.

Gareth and Sarah are a lovely young couple who wrote a funny and touching ceremony.

I thought that the best thing about the wedding was the way they got friends involved. This lady is as creative as she is pretty and made this splendid cake.

Here is a very talented chap:

His name is Barrie Bignold and he is the groom's brother in law. I was told that Barrie was going to provide the music for the ceremony and when I was introduced to him, I kept thinking, "Where is his guitar?" He told me that the music was pre recorded and I thought that it was quite strange that someone would record themselves playing rather than play live. It turned out that through the wonder of technology, Barrie had recorded a whole 'orchestra' playing music that he composed himself and I am reliably informed that he has been nominated for an Ivor Novello award. Needless to say the music was awesome - the full orchestral whammy with a few bagpipes thrown in! Next time you tune into Nigella Bites, that's Barrie's music you're hearing. According to his profile, he is also responsible for some of the Tweenies music too, but we'll let that one go...

The George Hotel Wedding

Kirsty and Rory married in the chic setting of The George Hotel in the city centre of Edinburgh. Just before the ceremony began, lots of the staff were waiting outside the function suite. They all stand there to give the bride a big round of applause when she arrives, which we heard inside. I don't know if this gave Rory a touch of nerves or relief.

The ceremony was lovely and I particularly noticed the music which I thought was quite dramatic but romantic at the same time. it was the soundtrack to Jurassic Park, which is Rory's favourite movie!

Here is a happy bride and groom with their piper.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Edinburgh Castle Wedding

What I like about Edinburgh Castle is that it can be a venue for huge big weddings and more intimate ones too. Alex and Lynn decided to get married in the Gatehouse, which was a nice, cosy room. This was another very emotional wedding as Alex and Lynn had known each other for many years before they finally got together. I think they make a lovely couple.

And here are the bridesmaids, Lynn's sister Wendy and niece Evie who read Us Two from Winnie the Pooh. Adorable!

Mavis Hall Park Wedding

I'd never been to Mavis Hall Park before Gail and Graham asked me to do their ceremony there. As soon as I saw this, I knew I was going to love it!

There were lots of chickens mingling around! My pics of the barn don't do it justice, I'm afraid. It was beautiful and cosy with hay bails all round the walls.

Gail and Graham were going to have a bonfire in the courtyard later and a pig spit roast for dinner. Here they are looking gorgeous.

Craigmillar Castle Wedding

Mary and Vince really went to town to make their wedding personal and a lot of fun.

Craigmillar Castle is a beautiful venue but I wonder if it is the first time they have ever had a powerpoint presentation as part of the ceremony...

This was a lovely idea. Mary and Vince sent out a reply slip with their invitations and invited all their guests to write what marriage mens on it. They created this lovely slide show with music playing in the background and the messages from their gusts were intercepted with photos of themselves throughout their relationship. The slide above says: "Not being too idealistic and knowing that loving is more secure than being in love". Another said : "A figment of the imagination (only joking!)" It meant that all the guests contributed to the ceremony.

Mary and Vince's mums were the witnesses.

And here is the most important part of the ceremony.

Mary and Vince enjoying a well deserved cuddle and glass of Champers.

The Hub Wedding

What makes a 'cool' wedding? For me its when you take some traditional elements and add a few of your own.

Joanna and Joe married in the Hub in Edinburgh, which is a pretty traditional venue but instead of walking into Highland Cathedral or the wedding march, Joanna entered to Love is better than a warm trombone by Gomez - I had no idea what the music was till I heard it - but let me tell you, it was pretty Rockin! Here she is:

The ceremony was in the main hall and we were up on the stage.

They left to more groovy music and here they are newly married!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dundas Castle Wedding

Alison and Mick married in splendid style at Dundas Castle near South Queensferry. Can you spot the difference?

The happy couple looked very regal in the historical setting of "The Old Keep"

At Dundas castle they Ring the bell when the bride arrives and when the couple are married.

And here is Bob, today's bell ringer:

Alison and Mick's wedding was a lot of fun and at their Champagne reception after the wedding they had a jazz band playing:

And a chocolate fountain courtesy of The Chocolate Fondue Fountain company.

Abden House Wedding

I love these intimate groom and best man moments:

Jo and Rob met in Sydney, moved to New York to be together, have now moved back to Sydney and were married in Edinburgh! And they had guests from all over the world come over to celebrate their wedding with them in Abden House which seems to be a very regular haunt of mine these days!

Jo and Rob make a very handsome couple, don't you think?

And Here are the bridesmaids and best man looking very Sex in the City.

Melrose Abbey wedding

I caught the bus to Melrose to marry Kerry and Alistaire. I had never been to Melrose Abbey before and would never have thought that you can hire it for a wedding venue. How stunning is this?

Apparently Robert the Bruce's Heart is buried there! The sun was shining on melrose and it was a lovely ceremony.

Some people may think it is strange to have a Humanist wedding in a 'religious' building. Here is what Kerry and Alistaire wrote in their ceremony which explains their reasoning much better than I can:

"Kerry and Alasdair did think it may seem ‘odd’ to have a humanist ceremony in an Abbey as for many who visit and see this beautiful surrounding, Melrose Abbey represents a rich and deep religious history.

When they knew Melrose Abbey had been deconsecrated, and therefore allowed ceremonies such as today’s to be carried out, they realised that the Abbey could not be a more apt place to have their ceremony, as it now stands as a striking historical symbol which accommodates different beliefs and values, illustrating how our society accepts the way that individuals chose to lead their life. "

I think this is a very sensible and quite moving way to think about these historic buildings.

And if I haven't given enough reasons that i loved this location, how about this very dashing gentleman who was the master of ceremonies?

Friday, August 3, 2007

The Water Tower Wedding

Isn't the Water Tower in Dalkeith a gorgeous setting for a wedding? It's owned by Gerry Goldwyre who was cooking up the loveliest canapes when the ceremony was happening - he won Masterchef, back in the days it was worth winning.

The garden looked over the valley and was so lovely. And so are the happy couple, Euan and Seonaid.

A nice touch in the ceremony was when both both Seonaid and Euan's mums did a reading and they both read beautifully.

A Country House wedding

Jane and Ian chose to get married in the sumptuous setting of Melville Castle.

The light was lovely as we were all signing the paperwork.

They make a very elegant couple. I wonder if there have been any other weddings at Melville Castle where everyone sang Here Comes The Sun?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Orocco Pier Wedding

This was a last minute wedding for me. I only met Ben and Christine a few days before the ceremony. They had already married legally when they were both living in New York City and did the honours at Central Hall, which Christine compared to queueing for the post office!

They had relatives come over to Edinburgh from Massachussetts, where Ben hailes from and Australia where Christine has some family. Unfortunately my camera doesn't do the venue Orocco Pier in South Queensferry justice. The huge picture window gives a backdrop of the two Forth bridges. But here is a lovely picture of the happy couple. Gorgeous!

Christine's mum has been growing sunflowers in her garden all summer to use on the tables, in the buttonholes and of course, on the cake.

I've recently had a few grooms ask me if it's OK to have their ushers standing at the front with them as well as their best man. Of course it is! This is common practice in the US where they're called Groom's Men. They all had their kilts on and were muttering something about being true Scotsmen. I cannot confirm, but it is definitely true that Americans have great teeth:

Hello ladies!

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel Wedding

I don't often do weddings in the borders but the drive down to the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel for Fiona and Jonathan's wedding was a treat.

I was especially pleased when I got there because I met this falconer with his lovely baby Barn Owl. It's only 15 weeks old.

The sun was out so the wedding was in the gardens of the hotel and the bride made a dramatic entrance to the bagpipes.

The ceremony was lovely.

And Fiona and Jonny make a unique couple - check out his black nail varnish! I loved Fiona's dramatic scarlet gown, which her mother had customised.

Fiona's mum also made these gorgeous bridesmaid dresses.

And the best man looked very dapper too.