Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mansfield Traquair Wedding

Mansfield Traquair is one of the grandest venues I've been to.

Gareth and Sarah are a lovely young couple who wrote a funny and touching ceremony.

I thought that the best thing about the wedding was the way they got friends involved. This lady is as creative as she is pretty and made this splendid cake.

Here is a very talented chap:

His name is Barrie Bignold and he is the groom's brother in law. I was told that Barrie was going to provide the music for the ceremony and when I was introduced to him, I kept thinking, "Where is his guitar?" He told me that the music was pre recorded and I thought that it was quite strange that someone would record themselves playing rather than play live. It turned out that through the wonder of technology, Barrie had recorded a whole 'orchestra' playing music that he composed himself and I am reliably informed that he has been nominated for an Ivor Novello award. Needless to say the music was awesome - the full orchestral whammy with a few bagpipes thrown in! Next time you tune into Nigella Bites, that's Barrie's music you're hearing. According to his profile, he is also responsible for some of the Tweenies music too, but we'll let that one go...

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