Monday, May 12, 2008

Rugby Club Wedding

Caroline and Chris completely embraced the idea of having exactly the sort of wedding they really wanted. They had the whole day at Stuart Melville Rugby Club and had a great party. What I liked about them so much is that they knew exactly what they wanted and that was for everyone to have a fantastic time. They also were very confident in making it all very personal to them and they created a ceremony that really reflected their personalities. A big feature of the wedding was the music they had, all played by DJ Tommy who was a lovely guy. He does a lot of hospital radio and charity work and was a total honey. He is posing in the photo as if he is very frieghtened of me. Can't think why!

I simply had to take a picture of these guys. What cool wedding guests! Linda, the glamorous girl on the left, sweetly took some pics of the ceremony for me.

Some of Caroline and Chris's friends did a reading.

At this point I have to apologise to Liz the photographer. In the rehearsal she asked me to move aside when the kiss happened. I reassured her that I usually do this anyway but the big balloon archway wasn't there in the rehearsal and I found myself trapped in it. I think I managed to get out of there before the kissing ended so hopefully Liz got a good shot.

Carlone and Chris are bikers and I think this wedding cake is smashing! They had Born to be Wild played at the end of the ceremony.

Harburn House Wedding

Susan and Martin got married in the charming setting of Harburn House. The guests were all enjoying the warm weather outside when I arrived.

Here is the stunning bride with her foxy bridesmaids and adorable flower girl.

The glamorous and imaginitively named Strings Aloud provided the music.

Susan and Martin are a couple who enjoy a laugh and their ceremony was moving and a lot of fun too, just the way they wanted it to be!

Calton Hill Wedding

Conducting weddings in and around Edinburgh always reminds me of how lucky I am to live and work in such a beautiful city. Rik and Jane got permission to have their wedding on Edinburgh's Calton Hill. It is really easy to moan about bureaucracy but I am very impressed with the council (or whoever gives out permission for such events) for allowing couples to use the hill and have the backdrop of the city as a venue for their wedding.

Rik and Jane had some fabulous guests, not least the bride's glamorous sisters:

Here comes the bride with her son who also had the honour of being the best man.

Their friend Anne read a very personal and moving speech.

This tourist simply had to have her picture taken with the happy couple!

And here they are, just after signing the paperwork which you can see me finishing off on the bonnet of a Moris Minor!

Jane and Rik care very deeply about the world around them and this was expressed in the ceremony. They are a lovely couple and I was so happy to see the sun come out for them!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Gilmerton House Wedding

Glmerton House is a venue that really has it all. It is a most elegant Georgian mansion, situated in the loveliest part of the East Lothian countryside and has the gorgeous Lady Maureen Kinloch as its Chatelaine. A finer hostess you would be pushed to meet.

Maureen's brother in law Ian married Betty there and they had an intimate private ceremony on the balcony with the rest of the family looking up from the lawn below:

They had their children with them during the ceremony and what it lacked in numbers it more than made up for in love and happiness!

Fettes College Wedding

There's a first time for everything, such as being a humanist celebrant and marrying a couple in a chapel. Alison and Michael decided to get married in the Chapel at Fettes College and the Chaplain and Headmaster of the school agreed to allow a Humanist to do the honours. I think that was very kind and generous of them. it was an impressive setting and the whole operation was run to perfection by Joanna, pictured below.

And here is Michael with his best man keeping those nerves in check!

The wedding was beautiful and it was lovely to be surrounded by the stunning, sexy bridesmaids. They all had a different dress and looked amazing.

As you can see Alison was an absolutely gorgeous bride and they make a handsome couple. The played the Proclaimer's song "Let's Get Married" when they signed the register, which made me very happy and a bit emotional too.