Monday, May 12, 2008

Rugby Club Wedding

Caroline and Chris completely embraced the idea of having exactly the sort of wedding they really wanted. They had the whole day at Stuart Melville Rugby Club and had a great party. What I liked about them so much is that they knew exactly what they wanted and that was for everyone to have a fantastic time. They also were very confident in making it all very personal to them and they created a ceremony that really reflected their personalities. A big feature of the wedding was the music they had, all played by DJ Tommy who was a lovely guy. He does a lot of hospital radio and charity work and was a total honey. He is posing in the photo as if he is very frieghtened of me. Can't think why!

I simply had to take a picture of these guys. What cool wedding guests! Linda, the glamorous girl on the left, sweetly took some pics of the ceremony for me.

Some of Caroline and Chris's friends did a reading.

At this point I have to apologise to Liz the photographer. In the rehearsal she asked me to move aside when the kiss happened. I reassured her that I usually do this anyway but the big balloon archway wasn't there in the rehearsal and I found myself trapped in it. I think I managed to get out of there before the kissing ended so hopefully Liz got a good shot.

Carlone and Chris are bikers and I think this wedding cake is smashing! They had Born to be Wild played at the end of the ceremony.

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