Monday, September 8, 2008

Kirknewton House Stables Wedding

Kirknewton House Stables is another venue I seem to visit fairly regularly. I really like it as it is lovely whatever the weather - it's both bright and airy but still cosy.

I was delighted to meet this talented group of musicians, the Capriccio Quartet. As the bride was running ten minutes late they humoured me by playing me the Pizzicato Polka.

Here are the bride and groom, Laura and George. Laura's dress is stunning and so unusua! They make a gorgeous couple and were very open and sweet in expressing how much they loved one another.

Napier University Wedding

I've been to Napier University's Craighouse Campus a few times now and always receive a warm welcome from Moira the wedding coordinator, who runs a very tight ship! It was a lovely day for Susan and Peter and they had the best dressed snapper I've ever seen:

After the ceremony the guests went out onto the terrace for drinks and enjoyed the view.

I think they look fabulous together! Peter is a magician and although there wasn't any magic in the ceremony (apart from the romantic kind, of course) he did lots at the reception. When I first met them, he did lots of tricks including making me think of a certain card, pulling a coin from behind my ear then putting it in my hand and making it disappear. "Awesome" is a very overused word but it was! I'm thinking of advertising my services in the Magic Circle newsletter now.

Barony Castle Wedding

I thought Barony Castle sounded very romantic when Lindsey and Graham asked me to marry them there but i had no idea the 'aisle' would be as pretty as this.

There was a big stone 'altar' at the end and it was covered in the most lovely flowers which looked like they had grown there (or would do if real life was like a fairy story).

Here we are during the wedding. It was a bit rainy so the guests stood under the trees with loads of big umbrellas.

Here is a pic of the bridesmaid and Graham's best friend who was the Best Woman!

And just when the ceremony finished, what should happen? The sun came out, and Graham and Lindsey had some lovely photos taken with the sunlight streaming through the trees.

Last minute wedding!

Usually I meet couples a year in advance before I marry them but that's not always the case. Stephanie and Gary originally planned to get married at another venue by a registrar but as they had to change their plans at the last minute, they moved the ceremony to Harburn House which isn't licensed. I was called in at the 11th hour and we got the whole ceremony completed in a week.

Here are the mothers of the bride and groom looking very elegant in their wedding finery:

Here is Gary hanging out with his friends.

Here are the newlyweds, Stephanie and Gary. It was a lovely surprise having this last minute wedding as they are a terrific couple and the ceremony was a real celebration of their relationship.

Harburn House Wedding

Moira and Douglas had a lovely wedding at Harburn House. Although it was a lovely day the ceremony was inside but the room was pretty and bright.

Doug’s niece, Karen sang Song to the Moon by Dvorzak from the opera, Rusalka. She was fabulous! Bravo Karen!

I thought this wedding cake was really cute and it has little pigs and a hedgehogs on it.

In the ceremony I said that one of the (many) things Doug loves about Moira is that he can rest his chin on her head when they are having a hug. Here they are enjoying a post wedding cuddle.