Monday, September 8, 2008

Kirknewton House Stables Wedding

Kirknewton House Stables is another venue I seem to visit fairly regularly. I really like it as it is lovely whatever the weather - it's both bright and airy but still cosy.

I was delighted to meet this talented group of musicians, the Capriccio Quartet. As the bride was running ten minutes late they humoured me by playing me the Pizzicato Polka.

Here are the bride and groom, Laura and George. Laura's dress is stunning and so unusua! They make a gorgeous couple and were very open and sweet in expressing how much they loved one another.

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bride-to-be said...

Hello Juliet,

I came across your blog accidentally. I am at the beginning stage of wedding planning and I wonder if you know whether Princes Street Garden in Edinburgh can be a potential ceremony venue. Do you know if I need to get a permit or something from local authority?

I meant to send you an email but I couldn't open the link on the right hand side.