Thursday, July 23, 2009

Making an entrance!

Many little girls (or was it just me?) pin their granny's tablecloth to their head and dream about walking down the aisle into Prince Charming's arms: Morton Harkett from A-Ha, in my case. Yet it can be quite an intimidating experience and this is something I usually discuss with couples before the big day. What's often expected to be the most joyous moment in the wedding can feel odd for many brides as they might not be used to being the centre of attention and being in front of a room full of people all staring at you, but saying nothing, can be a surreal experience.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone has been desperate to see you in your frock and they are looking at you with admiration and love. Of course, you don't have to do the 'walking down the aisle with dad' thing. Some brides arrive with the groom and they greet the guests as a couple. Then they might walk down the aisle together or simply come to the front and we begin the ceremony. Alternatively the bride might still arrive last but the groom will go out and they will then walk in together. Some brides choose to walk in with both parents, which I find especially moving.

It helps to choose music that means something special to you, a tune that you will really enjoy coming in to. This week I have a wedding where the bride is making an entrance to Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath! Queen's Don't Stop Me Now remains ever popular, and I've even had a bride coming in to I'm Sticking With You by the Velvet Underground. 

I've never had a wedding where the bridal party did anything like this but I so hope to one day!

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