Monday, May 5, 2008

Fettes College Wedding

There's a first time for everything, such as being a humanist celebrant and marrying a couple in a chapel. Alison and Michael decided to get married in the Chapel at Fettes College and the Chaplain and Headmaster of the school agreed to allow a Humanist to do the honours. I think that was very kind and generous of them. it was an impressive setting and the whole operation was run to perfection by Joanna, pictured below.

And here is Michael with his best man keeping those nerves in check!

The wedding was beautiful and it was lovely to be surrounded by the stunning, sexy bridesmaids. They all had a different dress and looked amazing.

As you can see Alison was an absolutely gorgeous bride and they make a handsome couple. The played the Proclaimer's song "Let's Get Married" when they signed the register, which made me very happy and a bit emotional too.

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