Sunday, August 26, 2007

Melrose Abbey wedding

I caught the bus to Melrose to marry Kerry and Alistaire. I had never been to Melrose Abbey before and would never have thought that you can hire it for a wedding venue. How stunning is this?

Apparently Robert the Bruce's Heart is buried there! The sun was shining on melrose and it was a lovely ceremony.

Some people may think it is strange to have a Humanist wedding in a 'religious' building. Here is what Kerry and Alistaire wrote in their ceremony which explains their reasoning much better than I can:

"Kerry and Alasdair did think it may seem ‘odd’ to have a humanist ceremony in an Abbey as for many who visit and see this beautiful surrounding, Melrose Abbey represents a rich and deep religious history.

When they knew Melrose Abbey had been deconsecrated, and therefore allowed ceremonies such as today’s to be carried out, they realised that the Abbey could not be a more apt place to have their ceremony, as it now stands as a striking historical symbol which accommodates different beliefs and values, illustrating how our society accepts the way that individuals chose to lead their life. "

I think this is a very sensible and quite moving way to think about these historic buildings.

And if I haven't given enough reasons that i loved this location, how about this very dashing gentleman who was the master of ceremonies?

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