Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dundas Castle Wedding

I'm not particularly musical (as a few couples who have been brave enough to hear me singing will tell you!) but, even to an amatuer like me, a good musician really stands out. Roddy The Piper, or Pipe Major Roderick Deans, as he is officially known, is one of the best in the business and a lovely guy too - just look at that boyish smile! I was delighted to see him at my last Dundas Castle wedding for Carole and Scott.

At Dundas they take the wedding party up to the roof straight after the ceremony but this was the first time I'd been up there and the view was stunning. I really liked the way the photographer set up this shot.

See that look of love there? That wasn't posed. Carole and Scott couldn't keep their eyes off each other. I actually shed a tear when I was taking these pictures because they are great people as individuals but as a couple they are even more special.

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