Monday, July 9, 2007

The Hub Wedding

Another rainy day in Edinburgh!

Luckily Gail and Richard had chosen to get married indoors in the grand setting of The Hub on Castlehill.

I'd never married anyone there before and was worried that the space would be too big and echoey. However lots of spongy wallpaper gave the more intimate setting of the balcony lovely acoustics for the ceremony.

When you go to buy a wedding frock, the assistant always asks you where they wedding is going to be as apparently you need to know this before you decide whether you're having an empire line or a meringue. I used to think this was a load of nonsense but could see their point at this wedding. Gail's elegant and opulent gown was so well suited to the grand setting - and as you can see she looked beautiful in it!

They had their meal and dancing downstairs in the big hall and there was loads of room for a ceilidgh. I bet it was fun!

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