Sunday, July 1, 2007

Holyrood Park Wedding

Nobody wishes for rain on their wedding day but despite the drizzle this ceremony was lovely.

It took place just outside the Historic Scotland education centre in Holyrood Park on the same day as the official opening of the Scottish Parliament.

I really love it when brides have their own style. Sabina's dress had a vintage 1940's look and was very elegant. Her hair was in a very glamorous chignon. As she is Shetland-Peruvian her sister Maria read out the lyrics from a Tracy Chapman song in English and Spanish:

Tracey Chapman from ‘Tracey Chapman’ (© 1986 SBK April Music Inc./Purple Rabbit Music)

There’re no words to say
No words to convey
This feeling inside I have for you
Deep in my heart
Safe from the guards
Of intellect and reason
Leaving me at a loss
For words to express my feelings
Deep in my heart

No hay nada que decir
Noy hay palabras convenientes
Lo que siento por ti
Porfundo en mi corazón
A salvo de las barreras
Del intelecto y la razón
Sin palabras para expresar mis sentimientos
Profundos en mi corazón

I also enjoyed all the home baking they had!

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