Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Freudian Slip!

This is a very funny video but it's also an example of how a ceremony shouldn't be done - you can tell the celebrant hasn't read the script properly before she delivered it. Still, she has a good sense of humour!

I've noticed a lot of couples put jokes into the script that I can't tell are there. For example I might say something along the lines of: "Jen and Chris love nothing more than having friends round for dinner." and 150 people in front of me burst out laughing, slap their thighs and wipe tears of merriment from their eyes.  Obviously something spectacularly hilarious has happened at one of their dinner parties that everyone knows about. This has also happened recently when I've mentioned couples walking their dog, going shopping and having an occasional sunday drink in their local pub. It's fabulous when it happens and although I wouldn't mind knowing when it's coming, my unawareness of the joke does add something to it.

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