Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding at The Hub

I'm delighted to share these lovely pictures with you of Jen and Mooj's wedding at The Hub, a wonderful venue at the top of Edinburgh's Royal Mile. This is a couple who have lots of fun together and these photos really reflect the touching intimacy between them. Jen is a well-known jewellery designer and made her stunning necklace and tiara herself.

Weddings conducted in the gallery of The Hub have to be done 'in the round', which I enjoy because it feels very friendly and I make a big effort to address the guests on either side of me. I also enjoyed this wedding very much because Jenny's brother is my favourite wedding musician, Pipe Major Roderick Deans, or Roddy the Piper as he's happy to be known. Roddy played a lovely and specially composed piece of music for his beautiful sister's entrance.

Isn't the photo above especially lovely? Here's what Jenny and Mooj thought about their wedding:

“So many of our guests have said how much they enjoyed the ceremony and how memorable it was, which has added even more to our enjoyment of the day. Being able to really put our personality into the ceremony, especially our vows, was brilliant. I don't think either of us really anticipated just how much we would enjoy the whole experience. Thanks once again for playing such a big part in our day and making it so special and memorable.”

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Will said...

Lovely photos in a beautiful venue, it was a lovely touch that Jen made her own Tiara for the big day as well.