Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Handmade Weddings

I've blogged before about why weddings don't have to be expensive but thought I'd share a couple of recent discoveries that might be of interest if you're thinking of letting your creative side loose.

First of all I've seen some great reviews on the web about this new book, Handmade Weddings. The projects here look really pretty, modern and stylish. This would make an ideal engagement gift for crafty types.

Another fabulous resource I can't recommend highly enough is One Pretty Wedding. On this site Rachel curates a wide range of wedding crafts and projects from around the web. It is truly inspirational and there's something here for every kind of wedding and level of ability.

I'd like to add some more links to useful resources so if you know of any I'd love to hear about them in the comments section.


Katherine said...

When we were planning our wedding I liked the Offbeat Bride, Style Me Pretty and DIY Bride websites. Not sure we ever actually made any projects from them but they were good inspiration. Very different sites, Offbeat Bride is pretty self-explanatory, Style Me Pretty is lots of very pretty expensive weddings and DIY Bride had project ideas.

steve @ wedding venue oxfordshire said...

Have to agree with Katherine here - DIY Bride is a really useful site for ideas.

Like you said, weddings don't have to be expensive as all that (although they so frequently are).