Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wedding music

Every time I hear 500 miles on the radio it reminds me of a wedding, as it must be the most popular tune for a wedding sing song!

Pipers, harpists and string quartets are all lovely ways of bringing music into the ceremony, but I like to reassure couples that if they either don't want or can't afford musicians, then CDs or an ipod with some of your favourite music work just as well, if not better.

Music can also be a way of getting people involved in the ceremony either by asking a friend to sing something or having everyone on their feet, belting out a song! When people sing solo or as a duet they can be accompanied by a guitar or keyboard but I have also heard some lovely songs being sung without accompaniment, often traditional love songs such as the Eriskay Love Lilt.

If you fancy some communal singing at your ceremony be sure to choose a song that everyone knows really well and has an easy melody to sing along to, otherwise I find myself having to lead the singing and that you definately don't want! This is great fun to do and goes down a treat.

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